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Gift Guide for Her

Christmas is already around the corner You already have that special gift for her? If not, don't worry, this article is for you. We have created a gift guide for herand with this you will know perfectlywhat to give this Christmas. We have put together our top 20 gift ideas for that best friend, mom, cousin, girlfriend, grandmother or of course, for yourself. So let's get to work, let's find the ideal gift for her.

SeePearl Name Necklace

$780 MXN

A14k Gold Plated Personalized Necklace fromMalandra.This accessory is the perfect way for her to complement her outfit with a personal and trendy touch. We love the natural pearl detail!!

SeeSerena Tag Necklace

$1,280 MXN

A925 silver chain with 14k gold plate fromMalandra to create that creative layering that we all want.  An accessory that cannot be missing from your wardrobe.

SeeBlack Jumpsuit

$1,599 MXN

Ablack jumpsuit long-sleeved with belt, you can easily find it inZara. Definitely a stylish buster for any occasion this season.

SeeSavona Triple Necklace  

$890 MXN

 A14k Gold Plated Triple NecklacefromMalandra.We are completely sure that this fashionable necklace is the perfect gift to close 2020.

SeeFusion Layered Necklace

$720 MXN

A14k Gold Plated Triple Necklace in silver and gold tones ofMalandra. Perfect to start the year with the best seasonal accessory.

 Seehair oil

$MXN 1,791

Ahair oil infused with honey Gisou. Designed to repair and maintain hair nourishment, we know you will love discovering its natural shine.

SeeAlia Golden Hoops

$280 MXN

Nail 14k gold plated earringsfromMalandra.There is no woman who does not adore a pair of perfect earrings to highlight any look. 

 See Eau de Toilette essence

$955 MXN

AEau de Toilette essence fromKORRES. Its delicate shades of mimosa and flowers create the perfect scent for her. Best of all It is a vegan essence andy cruelty-free.

SeeSerena Tri Zirconia Necklace 

$680 MXN

A 925 silver necklace with 14k gold plate fromMalandra.The cubic zirconia details that this necklace has are perfect to brighten up your outfit day or night.

 SeeSerena Infinity Necklace

$1,480 MXN

A925 sterling silver choker necklace with cubic zirconia fromMalandra ideal to combine with those Christmas party outfits.

SeeGolden & amp; Pearl Bracelet 

$460 MXN

Aset of 3 14k gold plated beaded bracelets fromMalandra. Its natural pearl details make this set the ideal for that special someone at Christmas.

$2,050 MXN
Askippy belt bagfromAvorigen for your next trips or tours. A perfect accessory for traveling in style.

 SeeSerena Boho Ring

$680 MXN

A925 silver ring with 14k gold plate fromMalandrawith twisted style. The ideal accessory for her to complement her ring stacking in a delicate and trendy way.

 SeeAvant Letter Necklace

$580 MXN

A14k gold plated letter necklacewith natural pearlMalandra. Ideal for her to complement her seasonal outfit and customize all her styles.

 SeeCuban Chain Hoops

$320 MXN

Somehoop earrings gold-colored linksMalandra, essential in her wardrobe to enhance all her looks this season.

SeeCascade Spark Huggies

$260 MXN

Or what do you think of a shiny and perfect 14k gold plated earrings from Malandra. Amust-have of this season in your collection.

SeeLadybird Chain Bag

$5,900 MXN

Aladybird chain bagfromAvorigen.Because ... Who doesn't need a small leather bag? This one specifically has a sliding chain that allows her to use it as a shoulder or handbag.o.

 SeeRua Mixed Necklace

$1,280 MXN

A 14k Gold Plated Multiple Chain Necklace fromMalandra.its Natural pearl accent will make it an appropriate accessory for any occasion.

SeeRUA Pearl Necklace

$660 MXN

A14k gold plated large link necklacefromMalandra. Designed to highlight the beauty of every woman with style, the perfect gift for Christmas.

SeeSpark Link Earrings

$390 MXN

Some14k gold plated earrings fromMalandra.We're sure cubic zirconia detail earrings like these will make her shine day and night.

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