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New year, new style!

Mexico City, December 2020.¿Why not Change is much easier than you think, if you only leave behind the advice that you always see, that you read or that even your friends or mother give you. Many believe that to have a new style you must renew your wardrobe; however, this is not the case. Just make slight changes to your appearance. It's easy and cheap, so here we tell you how to refresh your look.

In order to achieve this, you need to find a way to save in every way.Follow these steps and find in your closet the perfect solution to renew your style.

 Step 1

Avoid theleggings for all. We know that they are really comfortable, but that does not mean that they are suitable to take anywhere. Change for jeans or combine your outfit with some other material.

Step 2

Accessories are essential to give a special touch to your outfits and to highlight your beauty, you can dare to use the latest trends such asring stacking, a trend that consists of wearing rings in different colors, materials and textures; or use fifty fifty necklaces, that is, half chain and half pearls; you can learn more about the latest trends in our sectionNew Arrivals. This week you can take advantage ofThe Biggest Sale of the Year, which will start from December 25 to 31 with a 15 discount on our entire website..

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In this way, you can renew your style and accessories from the comfort of home and that is not all, because you can also take advantage of thesales on sales of thenight sales what will we be having from the December 28 to 31, and that will be applied from 8:00 pm to 1:00 am with a 20% discounto on what will already be discounted.

Step 3

Wear new styles, but never give up yours. Buy some new clothes gradually. If you have decided to wear heels, for example, start low and gradually increase. Do the same with the rest of your clothes. 

Step 4

Change your color palette a bit. Leave black or white behind. Look for clothes in basic tones; this way you will avoid using a single color. It begins by modifying a jacket, blouse or shoes; You also don't have to modify the jeans or skirts.

It is not easy to dare a new beginning. If you have already done it, take advantage of it and follow these steps to get better every time.Looking great in 2021 It is not that difficult, it is just a matter of thinking more about yourself and everything you have to give.

*If you want to know about more trends, we invite you to visit the rest of our website and our social networks:Facebook: Malandra Jewelry andInstagram:malandrajewelry

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