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Friends and partners, Gaby & Pam

Mexico City (09 November 2020.-- In 2012, Pamela Sáenz and Gabriela Villareal met in Israel and, from the third time they saw each other, they connected in a special way, which is why they decided to start a jewelry project in that country.

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"At the beginning there was a chemistry between our personalities that adapted very well, we were in our homes, without much work and we got the idea of starting a brand because we were in another country, everything is new, there are thousands of challenges and so on. It was how Malandra started, "said Villareal.

Despite studying architecture, Pamela, and industrial design, Gabriela, chose to offer products from Mexico in Israel. Their first pieces were handmade earrings that they sold in bazaars and markets, however, they were surprised with their products.

"We made pages on social networks and we did not have the great acceptance that we had in Mexico and it was there that we changed our objective, we began to go to fairs in different regions such as Istanbul and Paris to purchase merchandise and we sent it to Mexico," explained the graduate from the Tecnológico de Monterrey.

Although they had two showrooms, one of the challenges they faced was scheduling and coordinating the logistics of remote operations. Two years after starting the project, they were encouraged to return to their native Monterrey to open their first store and, as of today, they have a total of four branches.

Jewelry in vogue
Regarding trends, both emphasize that for necklaces, thick links and chains with pearls are a must, as well as the combination of gold with silver in different lengths. Also the earrings of all sizes will have a strong presence and the ear candy, which consists of having different earrings at various points of the ear with a mix and match.

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They share that one of their favorite styles is the classic and elegant and they assure that a large gold necklace is a basic accessory in any woman's wardrobe, as it combines with any look, from jeans to a white shirt, as well as a blazer and a formal look.

"By wearing jewelry you highlight your style and your own beauty, now with the home office it is important to wear earrings or thin and exquisite pieces in the joints, because even if you are in pants, they lift your spirits and you look very good", Pamela explained .

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