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Malandra was born in 2012 in Israel, the year in which its founders were living in this interesting country.


With the mission of Help enhance the style and femininity of each woman with quality, variety and excellent customer service, always working to achieve its vision of being a benchmark in Mexican fashion with jewelry for every day.






Malandra's inspiration comes from the Israeli woman: Independent, strong and feminine. In January 2013, its first showroom opens inTel Aviv, The place where the first shipments are made to the city of Monterrey, from here Tel Aviv Monterrey was born, which refers to the city where the inspiration for the brand arises and the hometown of its founders..


In 2015 the founders return to Mexico and open their first branch in the city of Monterrey. Malandra currently has six branches in the city, which are: Vasconcelos (2015), Pueblo Serena (2017), Parque Arboleda (2018), Vía Puerta de Hierro and Periferika )2021 and the last opening Paseo La Fe (2002). In addition to having an online store with national and international shipments.



Since then, as until now, each piece is selected with a clear objective, enhance the style and femininity of every woman.




Malandra currently designs and creates her own collections such asAhavah Necklace,For Her,eclat, dotsamong other.





At Malandra there is a commitment to offer quality, service and attractive prices to our customers. We handle essential and luxury collections.




We are proud to be a team of more than 30 Mexican women who, with their work and dedication, dignify thewoman power . Which have shown that success is the fruit of daily effort and that we can reach very high as long as we believe in it and work to achieve it.



We invite you to enjoy and enhance your own style with Malandra.

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