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Aviso de privacidad



¿What kind of data do we collect?
In MALANDRA JEWELRY we store part of the personal information that you provide us when visitingwww.malandra.mx. When browsing our website we receive your IP Internet Protocol identification number. When you make a purchase we collect data such as your full name, telephone number, shipping address and / or billing information. Also, during your visit to the site, windows may display requesting your email as part of a subscription to our email marketing list.ng”.
¿What kind of information we do not collect?
The purchases you make on our website are safe, MALANDRA JEWELRY does not have access to and does not store sensitive information about your credit cards, debit cards or other payment methods. Payments within our website work through intermediaries such asPAYPAL YCONEKTA, who are reliable internet payment institutions that act as intermediaries in the accreditation of online payments.
¿How we use your data?
All data is collected safely and for administrative purposes, in order to provide you with the best service. Data such as IP help us to know your browser, operating system and navigation path within our website, in this way we can continue to innovate to offer you a better experience. Your subscription to our email marketing lists allows us, with your authorization, to send you emails about new products, promotions and other updates.s.
¿How do you get my consent??
When you make a purchase on our websitewww.malandra.mx or by subscribing to our email marketing list, you are consenting to the storage and use of your personal data. That is, when you provide personal information to complete a transaction, request information through the contact form or submit a return request via email, it is inferred that you are aware that your data is being collected and used for a specific purpose.o.
In some cases it is necessary to continue communication by secondary means, such as telephone or email, so if we request information through these means, we will ask you directly for your express consent.
Consent for the use of sensitive data
When the information of your credit card, debit or other payment method in the check out of our website, you are consenting that our online payment providersa PAYPAL YCONEKTA, make a single charge for the total amount of your purchase. MALANDRA JEWELRY does not request information on your credit, debit cards or other payment methods by any other means.
¿How do I withdraw my consent??
You can request that your information be removed from our database at any time by sending an email toclients@malandra.mx  or you can unsubscribe from our email marketing lists by selecting the unsubscribe option.be”.
¿Where your information is stored and who has access to it?
The information you provide us is stored in our databases and email marketing lists, and is treated with complete confidentiality. At MALANDRA JEWELRY we do not disclose, misuse or share our databases with other companies, businesses or institutions for advertising purposes.s.
The data collected on our website is used exclusively for administrative, commercial and customer service purposes. The only exceptions in which we can disclose our information is if a governmental institution governed by the laws of our country requests it, or if any clause of our TERMS OF SERVICE policy is violated.
E-commerce platform
Our websitewww.malandra.mx uses the services of SHOPIFY INC, who enables us to use the electronic commerce platform to sell our products. The data you provide is collected and stored through SHOPIFY INC, who makes them available and exclusive to MALANDRA JEWELRY. All the platform, services and databases of our website are hosted on the servers of SHOPIFY INC, which are governed by the highest security standards in the industry and have the necessary measures to prevent hacking activities, firewall , malware or other malicious code.iosos.
Sensitive data handling
When you make a transaction, SHOPIFY INC stores the data of the credit card, debit card or other payment method. This information is automatically encrypted using the security features of the payment card industryPCI-DSS. The data is stored only as long as it takes to complete the transaction, once the information is completed it is deleted.
The standards set byPCI-DSS are managed by the PCI SECURITY STANDARDS COUNCIL in conjunction with brands such as VISA, MASTERCARD, AMERICAN EXPRESS and DISCOVER, and help to ensure the secure handling of card information on our website. For more information, see theLEGAL TERMS or theNOTICE OF PRIVACY by SHOPIFY INC.
MALANDRA JEWELRY uses different services from third-party providers to enable the experience within the websitewww.malandra.mx. In general, these providers only collect and use the data necessary to perform the services they provide to us. However, providers that process payment transactions online(PAYPAL YCONEKTA) They have their own policies, terms and conditions, so we recommend reviewing their LEGAL TERMS to understand how your personal information will be handled by them.
Also, it is important to consider that certain providers may be located or have facilities in another country, under a different jurisdiction than Mexico. Therefore, if you decide to proceed with a transaction that involves the services of a third party, your information may be subject to the laws of the jurisdiction in which that provider is located.
Depending on the configuration of your internet browser and device, by visiting our website you may be exposed to advertising or links to other sites. Also, some parts of our website may contain active hyperlinks, which by clicking on them could redirect you to another website. When you are redirected to another website or third-party application, it is important that you consider that these are governed by policies, terms and conditions different from ours, so we recommend reviewing their LEGAL TERMS, since we are not responsible for the content or service that said sites could offer.
Our online store uses the services of GOOGLE ANALYTICS to help us know who visits our website, how often and which pages they visit within our website. GOOGLE ANALYTICS only collects generic data derived from IP, such as geographical location, device, browser, among others, and that it does not have the power or capacity to collect personal or sensitive data.
To protect your personal information, we take into account all necessary security measures and follow the best practices in the e-commerce industry to ensure that your data is not disclosed, shared or altered. In general, we take every precaution so that your personal data is not misused.s.
It is important to inform you that the information of the credit card, debit card and other payment method is automatically encrypted using SSL Secure Socket Layer technology and is stored with AES-256 encryption.6.
Our website uses a list of cookies to better serve you. Below we list the cookies we use in case you want to disable them:
  • _session_id: unique token that allows storing information about the session.
  • _shopify_visit: keep data persistent for 30 minutes since the last visit.
  • _shopify_uniq: with no stored data, expires at midnight relative to the next day's visitor, also counts the number of visits to a store by a single customer.e.
  • Cart: unique symbol, persistent for 2 weeks and stores information about the content of your cart.
  • _secure_session_id: unique token, session
  • storefront_digest: unique token, undefined, if the store has a password, it is used to determine if the current visitor has access.
  • PREF: persistent for a very short period, established by Google, analyzes the visits to the store and where they come from.
By using our website you declare that you are of legal age, if the user is a minor, he or she must have the supervision of an adult of legal age, who gives consent and is responsible for the transactions carried out online.
We reserve the right to modify this privacy policy at any time, so you should review it frequently. Changes and clarifications will take effect immediately after they are posted on the website. If we make significant changes to this policy, we will notify you that it has been updated via email.
If you wish to: access, correct, modify or delete any personal information that we have, please contact us.
Tel. 52 81 21381014014
Avenida Vasconcelos 301, Local 12, Colonia del Valle. San Pedro Garza García, Nuevo León. CP. 66220
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