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The top 3 fashion trends that are on fire

We will talk to you about 3 trends what are theyon fire today and what you must have in your wardrobe. Let's start!!


This is one of the lasttrends that surely you have already noticed its presence in yoursocial feeds.Theclean lookis defined by being minimalist and the famous "less is more". If you were to imagine this style as a person, it would be that girl who gets up early, goes to the gym and doesn't skip her skincare routine. Every time you would wonder how she manages to look so chic and elegant when the pieces she wears are completely relaxed,effortless YBASIC.

To be able to wear this look in the best way, yes or yes, you need some chunky earrings, no make-up make-up, skin care on point, and some chunky hoops. Nothing too fancy, remember this look is all about minimalism.


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You will also need to have gold layers in your wardrobe to complement this style, you can find different styles and thicknesses in this link:https://malandra.mx/collections/collars

2.Old Money

This specific style refers to a "rich" but vintage look. What do we mean by this? The fashion used by families with money in the 50s is taken as a reference, exactly a long time ago and that is where the term comes from.o OldMoney.

This trend is characterized by being elegant, relaxed, discreet and more than anything... very subtle. As accessories, pearls, chains and exquisite jewelry will be your best friends!

Remember that in order to wear this look in the best way, it is essential that you keep your accessories in the basics.Like this last photo, her necklace and earrings match and are nothing fancy.

On our website you can find the pieces you need to complement yourOld Money Outfits with prices from: $180MXN

We show you some of our top picks:

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3.Hot Pink

Another trend that is very strong right now is to use colorHot Pink on clothing or jewelry to master this style. And it is that this trend has become an even bigger phenomenon than expected for several reasons, you can find the details of "why" here:https://malandra.mx/blogs/malandra-blog/hot-pink-trend-alert

¿Impressive, right? The way this pop of color brings out your whole personality. And that is why we brought out a whole collection inspired by this booming color, which you can only find at Malandra since it was designed en casa.

We show you some of our top picks:

If you want to know more about collections and new releases, we invite you to visit the rest of ourWeb page and our social networks:Facebook: Malandra Jewelry andInstagram:malandramexotic

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