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Autumn came and with it new look opportunities. Today we will talk to you about the trendy jewelry pieces that are the essential ingredient to innovate your style this season.
Spoilers:You will love it.


Pearls work perfect for elevate looks with basic tops in neutral tones thanks to its natural shine. This fall - winter 2022 and early 2023 are amust if you like to always be in trend.

And why two is always better than one...something important about this trend is to include details in golden and create sets with more pearls.

Tip: They are very easy to combine with exquisite necklaces.


At our Web page you can find a lot of variety of pieces with natural pearlsto inspire you to create outfits tailored to your personality.

As data, these are some of ourtop picks:


See more pearl jewelry



It's time to dare change the order of things. Who said elegant rings can't be for everyday use? We love this incredible trend for losing fear and going out of the ordinary.n.

Without a doubt, it is ideal for those of us who like to wearchic at any time of the day and decorate our hands with rings bright .


Renew your jewelry and find the perfect balance between the sophisticated and the casual with the new designs that we have at Malandra, don't be afraid to combine them with each other.



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Surely you could already notice that the gold jewelry is in the #1 of this season's trends. And of course, because they are the protagonists this fall - winter and early 2023. Link chains have remained at the top of essential accessories.they couldn't miss on our list.



Whether you want something exquisite like our "Essential clip link necklace" or something more chunky, the combinations you can create with other pieces are endless. Express your creativity! and highlight your outfits with a fresh and sophisticated touch..




click here for more chain options.



¡It's your time to shine! This trend adapts to different styles due to its variety of designs and shapes. Whether you like understated jewelry or XL pieces, you're sure to find sparkly options to go with your most stylish outfits. aesthetic .

Don't be afraid to take risks and transform a simple look into a chic one without having to invest in more clothes, the sparkles will do it for you.


As usual in Malandra, we have beautiful pieces for you to achieve this trend.



See everything



If you still don't have minimum a couple of hoops between your jewelry...this is the sign you needed. Hoop earrings are a very refreshing option to renew your casual day-to-day outfits and they work like the cperfect complement to create sets with other pieces.


¿You know our hoops We have so many easy to combine design options that you will not be able to do without them anymore. Here we share our best seller :



This season, jewelry definitely challenges us to experiment with new combinations of metals, shapes and sizes.Let's get creative! yesFollow us on our social networks so you don't miss any trends.

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