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Back to school is just around the corner You already know what you need to make your return to school the bestr? Don't worry, we have created a guide with the top 10 accessoriesand with this you will know perfectlyhow to prepare:

$175 MXN
A colored sticky notes set to be able to organize your notes and ideas in the best way.


$420 MXN

A pink accessory, this one in specific is a necklace with 14k gold plate with coral, quartz and colored beads  of Malandra. definitely have apink accessory In your wardrobe this back to school is a must-have if you want to look on trend.

¿Best of all, we have a whole pink collection where you can choose your favorite accessory!


Since $2,639 MXN

A pair of headphones airpods of Manzana. With the use of masks or glasses for blue light... wireless headphones are essential for this return to school!


 From $585 MXN
A personalized c necklace14k gold hapa with natural stones and colored beads of Malandra. This necklace will allow you to personalize your own style and of course, that everyone will always remember your name in the room.

Set from $285 MXN

Scrunchies are all the rage nowadays. Instead of having a basic garter with you or on your wrist, this back to school you should add some scrunchies to your wardrobe!



$360 MXN

A  bear necklace in brass with 22k plate and pink cubic zirconia of Malandra. Teddy bears have always been there to accompany us in all the good and bad times, to tell them about the things that make us laugh or to give us strength to overcome adversity. Bringing a Lucky Bear with you on your return to school will be your unconditional support force.

$213 MXN
A  set of different colored markers of Stabilo. Having a set like this with you will help you highlight everything that you consider important and that you do not want to forget during your classes.
$240 MXN
A quartz bracelet with 14k gold plate of Malandra .This bracelet has the ability to cleanse negativity and impurities, attracting happiness and good luck...ideal to always bring with you on this return to school.


$264 MXN
A reusable water bottle. Nowadays one of the most important things is to take care of the environment and take care of water, so carrying a bottle with you that you can refill will be paramount in this return to school.
$260 MXN
A  pair of 14k gold plated stainless steel earrings of Malandra. You will need earrings that you can wear on a daily basis in your classes and at the same time elevate your outfits... this pair of earrings is ideal for it!

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