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Self-love:Meditation, Beauty and Fashion

Self-love. Many times we find ourselves giving 100% at work, advising others, trying to please the world, but what about you? When was the last time you did something for yourself? Especially in these times, it can be very easy to forget about self-care... That's why our SELF LOVE dynamic was born, to remind us how important self-love is through 3 online workshops where we all receive tips and valuable content from our speakers: Ana Paula Espinosa, Verita Tarot, and Paola Matiano.
And because we want everyone to have access to what was experienced in the SELF LOVE workshops, we will share what we learned from each workshop:
1. Skincare: Basic Tips by Ana Paula Espinosa
Ana Pau shined with the tips and recommendations she shared with us about the steps to follow to have an ideal skincare routine. From budget-friendly options to slightly more expensive ones, we share them with you.
Economical skincare routine Higher-priced skincare routine
1. Face cleanser
1. Face cleanser

2. Facial serum
2. Facial serum
3. Facial moisturizer
3. Facial moisturizer
4. Eye contour
4. Eye contour
5. Sunscreen
5. Sunscreen

These are the 5 steps that Ana Pau mentions that cannot be missing in a skincare routine to have beautiful and radiant skin. Always remember that there is no perfect skin, only healthy skin.

2. Manifest Your Best Version - Verita Tarot
Verita and her incredible "5 tips on how to manifest your best version" reminded us of everything we can do in a few minutes to bring out the best in ourselves and the universe. Here are the tips:
1. Raise your vibration
Align yourself with your dreams and desires, you have to be very clear about them! Forget about negative attitudes and the word "no".
2. The law of attention and attraction
Everything you focus on starts to grow in an impressive way, something small can be magnified incredibly with the right focus!
3. The power of gratitude
When you are grateful for what you have, what you lack will come to you.
4. Reprogram your beliefs
It is important that your thoughts are aligned with your emotions.
5. Recognize your inner voice and take care of your energy, listen to your intuition
Don't forget that you are a spiritual being having a human experience
And last but equally important:
3. Home Office with Style - Paola Matiano
Everyone needs to know these phenomenal tips from Paola! She taught us that Home Office doesn't have to mean pajamas and messy hair. Here are her 5 tips:
1. Fix your hair
You don't have to go far, you don't need a straightener or a hairdryer. A simple ponytail or a little hair oil is enough to avoid that just-woke-up look. The point is to achieve a fresh and professional look.
2. Use lipstick
A good lipstick can make you stand out in a video call and give that glow to your face.
3. Take care of your lighting
Lighting is everything when it comes to the home office, and do you know where you can find the best light? In front of a window, natural light is the best lighting for your video calls.
4. Use accessories
Accessories will help you avoid that just-woke-up effect. Some earrings, a necklace, a good set of EarCandy... all of these make a difference and will help you achieve that 100% look.
5. Use color in one of your garments
Wearing a bright color in one of your garments will make you appear as a picture of energy in your video calls. Especially if you are the one speaking or presenting, this tip is for you.
Ready! These were the most important points experienced in the SELF LOVE workshops. Remember that self-love is something that no one else can give you, it is within you. And if you want to learn more about collections and new releases, we invite you to visit our social media: Facebook: Malandra Jewelry and Instagram: malandrajewelry

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