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3 times where fashion marked a before & after for the world

Fashion has been a reflection of all the changes that have taken place around the world, from social changes to political changes.

Some styles have remained and others have been erased over time, but what we do remember are those moments revolutionaries of fashion It is for them that we want to tell you in this month of women 3 MOST MEMORABLE MOMENTS where fashion marked abefore & after for the whole world.


Before, navels were a censored part of the body... two-piece swimsuits already existed, but the navel was something totally censored that could not be shown with the naked eye. It was not until 1946 that the French engineer Louis Réard reinvented the two-piece swimsuit and made the model smaller, naming it "bikini".
No one wanted to wear it because of how revolutionary this model was back then, so she chose the stripper "Micheline Bernardini" to wear it for the first time. And this is how it came to light the first bikini in history completely changing the way we think about the female body.

Two piece swimsuit before:


The first BIKINI in history:



The 1930s was a time when no woman dared to dress "improperly" in the sense of male clothing, not even in movies. It was Marlene Dietrich who changed fashion in 1932 by appearing in a movie called "The Sign of the Cross" in a tuxedo.

In this movie she proved that through a male tuxedo you can still look beautiful and sexy. It was then that everyone wanted to look like her and the stores were filled with pants for women. It was in this way that the idea of women wearing skirts and men wearing pants ended, giving rise to unisex fashion...completely changing the differentiation of clothing.

Marlene Dietrich:



Mary Quant and her revolutionary miniskirt. In the 1960s, the miniskirt was first launched on the market by British designer Mary Quant. It was exactly on her spring-summer catwalk that the "scandalous" 35cm mini skirt was exhibited...going 15cm above what was accepted at the time.

This piece was seen as a key to the freedom of female sexuality, commemorating Mary today as the one to whom we owe the use of the miniskirt and who put aside absurd prejudices.

Mary Quant in her 35cm miniskirt:

And just like these 3 moments, there are THOUSANDS of times that women have fought to end differentiation by clothing or prejudice through fashion and style.

At MALANDRA, we want to remind you, woman, that every day is your day, that every day you can project your personality with your style, that every day you can speak through jewelry, that every day you can fight prejudice with your way out of your house.

This month I do not congratulate you woman, I remind you that you deserve the world.


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