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Gift Guide for Valentine's Day 2022

February has arrived and with it, the month of love. Now you know what to give that special person! Would you like to surprise that person with something?o unique and significant? Perfect then you are in the right blog! Hwe have gathered the best 11 gift ideas for that special person. So let's get to work, let's find the ideal gift for Valentine's Day.
$690 MXN
A pair of matching bracelets with 14k gold plate from Malandra. Each bracelet brings with it half amagnetic heart very discreetly, and only the heart can be complete when both bracelets are together.

Without a doubt, this is the gift with meaning that your ex did not give you! Surprise her in a unique and creative way!! 
From $295 MXN

A 14k gold plated and zirconia necklace from Malandra. This necklace has a name "ahavah", which is a pHebrew word with a unique meaning, ssymbolizes an expression of love, friendship or affection. Each pendant represents to a loved one or a sentiment, you can personalize it with the charms you want.


A 22k gold plated heart necklace from Malandra. This necklace is part of an exquisite collection inspired by Paris, no need to say "je t'aime", this piece says it all. 


 $1,667 MXN

A  rose essence scented candle from diptyque. We know that women love the essence of roses, what better than giving her a candle that can replicate this same essence whenever she wants.
$420 MXN

A  pair of 22k gold plated heart shaped earrings from Malandra . Perfect for daily use day or night and on any occasion! The perfect gift without sizes



$395 MXN

A 14k gold plated necklace with zirconia details from Malandra. to remind you of that promise of friendship or eternal love in your day to day. Best of all We have it in gold and silver. A cute necklace + special meaning = the perfect gifto


$1,030 MXN
A comfortable sleep mask from Slip. Without a doubt, it is an accessory that we should all have, this one in particular is very chic as it is made of silk and in a pink tone. surprise her with style.
$420 MXN
A  14k gold plated necklace and natural pearl detail from Malandra. Definitely this option is a nice gift and very classic. Pearls will never go out of style. Make the gift even more special by combining it with one of our pearl earrings.
$540 MXN

A 22k gold plated compass necklace from MALANDRA. We love this necklace because you can give it the meaning you want, either to guide your dreams or always find the way with that special person.


$2,040 MXN

A heart shaped chocolate box from Godiva. Chocolates and love, we know that it is the best medicine for the heart. This special version is perfect to surprise with style.



$620 MXN

A 22k gold plated padlock necklace from Malandra.For us it is an excellent gift option, as with all souvenirs, we seek to catch it and close it within ourselves. Choose the meaning you want to give to this padlock and surprise her with the perfect gift.


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