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The world of fashion has been evolving just like us, trend analyst Jodie Marie Smith has said that a wave of youth is approaching and will have a presence in what we will be seeing in 2023, more organic shapes, unconventional color combinations, and a chaotic freedom to break away from the traditional.

These are the trends that will set a precedent in the looks we will see on all our favorite icons and of course in the brands that cannot be left behind.

It's time to step out of our comfort zone and experiment with accessories, we are ready!


The classic and timeless has always been an inspiration to set trends, it started with Chanel in their French looks and continues to be present worldwide by combining it with the modern. Pearls meet these characteristics of classic and timeless as they are pieces that can be very versatile throughout the year, whether for a more elegant look or even something more casual on vacation.

Tip: Wear them with gold touches or even with zircons to give it a more formal look.

Find a complete section of pearls on our website, from basics like huggies for your piercings to something more striking like a large pearl necklace.

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The bigger the better... this year we are going for the maximalist side and this will be reflected in all accessories. Just as we have seen in the years after the pandemic with the return of 90's and 2000's style, what the new Generation Z is looking for is simplicity on a large scale and this trend fulfills it perfectly.

Being eye-catching pieces, they will draw all the attention to your outfits and are definitely a must-have to be fashionable.

Use these pieces as a complement to your outfit, elevate your look from basic to something more statement and on-trend.

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Following the Y2K trends, vivid and vibrant colors are back to stay in all seasons this year. We began to see it on the runways with the use of color blocks in different garments daring to experiment in a unique and fun way.

Tip: if you're not yet ready to wear a full colorful jewelry look, start by adding it to your daily look with accessories combined with gold and lose the fear of experimenting.

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This trend of wearing your favorite bracelets at all times is not new but it's back with more power. We began to see it on the runways of Givenchy and Tory Burch for the spring 2023 season, taking as a reference the concept of ready to wear with pieces that you can wear effortlessly since due to their style and combinations, they are statement pieces that elevate your look in a unique and quick way.

Use these pieces in a full arm stack with different colors, sizes, and styles, add a chunky cuff as a statement piece to complete the look.

These are some of our favorite bracelets available on our website.


If you want to add a different touch to your looks this season, ear candy is the perfect option. Its versatility and endless combinations make it special as you can unleash your creativity with your piercings and ear cuffs. The best part is that you can combine several trends in this style of accessories.

If you don't have as many piercings as you would like, try ear cuffs, they are easy to put on and add a unique touch to your look.

Discover more piercing sets and earrings for your ear candy.


As with almost every summer, flowers are our favorite symbol to represent the season, but this time flowers take center stage. Bottega Veneta, Valentino Haute Couture, and Giorgio Armani are some of the designers who presented collections inspired by the organic and natural combined with a modern and avant-garde touch. Definitely a trend not to be missed.

Let your creativity soar and play with this trend by combining floral patterns with your favorite accessories.

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This year is about stepping out of our comfort zone and the trends invite us to propose unique and different looks without forgetting our personality and style,


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