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Malandra acts as a distributor and the warranty offered is that granted by the supplier.

The pieces can suffer some type of alteration due to the care that they are given, to the PH of each person, or to being in contact with any type of liquid, perfume, water, sweat.). 

The use that each user provides to the products is their responsibility.

To make changes it is essential to present a gift or purchase ticket within the first 7 days after purchase.The item must come in its original packaging, with labels and without having been used.

We do not make returns. 

No refunds are made if you make a mistake in your order.

No returns are made on personalized jewelry

No changes or refunds are made on discounted products

No returns or exchanges are made on international purchases.

If you made your order to pick up at the branch, you have up to 2 months to pick up your package.

If your order is eligible for return, the refund will be for the full cost of the products purchased. The refund does not apply shipping or charges by our payment platforms(PAYPAL, CONEKTA..

The customer must return the merchandise subject to return.

We appreciate reviewing your products upon receipt of your order, as our merchandise is not guaranteed, except for our exclusive collections by Dean Davidson, Maria Dolores, Carolina Alatorre, Ania Haie, Aitana, "Claudia Trejos" and Jill Hopkins. The warranty is by factory defect, it does not apply to blows.ca en golpes).

Warranty periods in exclusive collections:

Dean Davidson: 1 year

Carolina Alatorre: 1 year

Maria Dolores: 6 months

Aitana: 3 months

Annie Haie: 3 months

Jill Hopkins: 3 months

Import Fees and Responsibility for Importation 

Malandra Jewelry is not responsible for customs fees and taxes applied to the product by the country receiving the shipment. The customer is responsible for paying any fees and taxes applied at the time of receiving their order.

If the receipt of the order is rejected due to fees and taxes applied by the receiving country, the customer will be responsible for the final destination of the order. 

To obtain details regarding Import Fees, or to obtain documentation or receipts related to customs clearance, you can contact the specified Carrier at the following telephone number: 800 7433 877 Option 3.

When ordering International Productsat Malandra JewelryYou are aware that you are the importer of the product to Mexico.

In case the relevant tax and customs authorities in Mexico require to make a payment of taxes, customs duties and import feesTo import the International Product, the amount of said Fees will be included in the final amount of your order.

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