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Trends Spring - Summer 2021

This is the guide you were looking for on those fashion jewelry that can not be missing in your wardrobe today . Every person who loves fashion knows perfectly well that to achieve a spectacular look, you need jewelry. And what do you think? Today, we will talk to you abouts jewelry trends for this spring - summer 2021. ¡Let's get started!
Chain link, or as we know it more commonly: the famous chains in all their splendordor. This type of eye-catching accessories was a very strong trend in 2020 and you know what LIt bequeathed to stay this 2021. Prepare to be finding them in all their sizes from thick chains to thin chains and in all their forms: earrings, bracelets, necklaces, rings, belts, shoes, etc.

In Malandra Jewelry you can find chains of all styles and thicknesses , From gold to silver.

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Pearls ¡Our favorites! For us, there is nothing more classic or more feminine than pearls. We are going to be seeing them a lot this season just as we saw them on the Chanel and Christian Dior catwalks at theParis Fashion Week 2020 ...but, you know how we love to show them off even more In layering! That's right, and don't limit yourself to one accessory, dare to combine them with other chains, links, the options are endless!! 

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 Pearls will always be appropriate for any occasion! Also choose to create your own arm candy with this trend , we are completely sure that it is the style you choose, you will be delighted with the result.

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CroissantAnother very strong trend of the moment and that we love, is all that accessory with that divine croissant or twist touch. Surely you are already familiar with this term, right? This texture on any accessory makes it stand up in an incredible way. For example, a ring can look beautiful being smooth and gold, but when you add that extra texture ... well, the difference is incredible, your look changes totally to sophisticated and trendy.We show you: This is the croissant effect,breathtaking & trendy.

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 Ready! With these 3 trends in your wardrobe you are ready to elevate your looks this spring - summer season 2021. Remember that part of the key will be how you adapt your jewelry with your outfits to achieve that perfect look that we all seek.
If you want to know more about collections and new releases, we invite you to visit the rest of ourWeb pageand our social networks:Facebook: Malandra Jewelry andInstagram:malandrajewelry

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