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Style Guide:How to build the perfect ring stacking?

We assure you that if the name does not sound familiar to you, at least you have seen the jewelry trend calledring stacking, a phenomenon for jewelry and fashion lovers that invites you to combine and stack several rings, of different colors, textures and models; you can do it in one or both hands.

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We are sure that if you dare, you can complement your looks with this accessory that has become essential, and although it seems simple, it is very important that the pieces you use to assemble yourlook ring stacking work in harmony. Therefore, to help you perfect this technique, Gabriela Villareal and Pamela Sáenz, founders of the renowned accessories brandMalandra Jewelry, they give you some basic tips .

Less is not always more

Although we always hear that less is more, to build youru ring stacking ideally this does not apply, outside fears in this trend. Therefore, consider large and small rings, with stones, in gold and silver. Everything is permitted! Whatever you decide, the rings should fit together and not restrict your mobility so that you can wear them comfortably..

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¿2, 3 or 4 fingers?

Surely you have wondered how to use so many rings without overdoing it, and although the recommendation is to wear rings on no more than three fingers and focus on the index, middle and angular to create the perfect harmony, you should also consider the length of your fingers, so The longer they are, the more rings you can use while still looking stylish, even on your thumb and little finger.

So don't think about it anymore, take these tips and choose the best accessories to complement yourlook ring stacking, onMalandra Jewelry you will findyour favorite rings.If you don't know where to start, don't worry.and we will recommend some of our favorite pieces that we know that together create the perfect ring stacking.

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