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(Re)invent your jewelry and create your perfect necklace layering

Necklace layering.

You no longer have to decide which of your necklaces favorites you want to use, and why not use alls?  Forget the fear of excess, the more "messy" better...

¿What exactly is it about? necklace layering? Fill your neck with necklaces and charms that complement your look, one over the other ; in different lengths; in contrasting colors and sizes, or in harmony.

The basic rule is:  “more is more..

The tendency belongs to the category of the eclectic, You should think of gold and silver chains, pearls, vintage charms, fantasy pieces; As much as you want . There are no rules to wear it, just   follow your instinct, experiment with your jewelry and achieve the perfect match!

¿The mix&match it's not your thing then we give you these 4 tips to master the trend:



¿You are not good at handling excesses Do not make mistakes, combine the lengths and dimensions of the necklaces you choose. Maybes a chain and two small charms? ¿Or vice versa You decide. 



    Hold a uniform color palette it will always work. Look for pieces of different weights, lengths, and styles, but that are the same color. I mean, all gold, silver, rose gold or with stones of the same tone. a look 100% prooffaux pas.


    If the monochrome look isn't your thing, then… ¡let's have fun! In addition to inserting between different shades of metals (gold Silver, rose gold, etc), you can play with stones like pearls and color accents.

    See necklaces 



    If you doubt that you are doing it right, remember that there is a way to stay on the safe side: respect the proportions . If you have decided to mix between necklaces with charms, which are all of similar dimensions, combine colors and shapes.
    So don't think about it anymore, take these tips and choose the best accessories to create yourperfect necklace layering, inMalandra Jewelry you can find the besttrendy necklaces.

    And, if you want to know more about collections and new releases, we invite you to visit our social networks:Facebook: Malandra Jewelry andInstagram:malandrajewelry


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