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With each newseason andtrend that is born, we like to update our wardrobe, from the basics of the season such as blouses, dresses, shoes, etc., and of course an update to our essential collection of jewelry.

Thetrends they mark a wide range of designs; integrateseashells,pearls,golden rings, to eye-catching earrings that enhance and transform aoutfit For any occasion. Autumn will arrive before you imagine it and with this cool season, trends such as clink chains, with a styleavant-garde andtimeless.

The last seasons have been marked by pieces likedelicate rings,piercings and the famouslayering necklace(cape necklaces, surely some of these ideas have been part of your outfits during this quarantine. However,chains andlayers withlinks kindchunkyhave remained in the taste of users ofInstagram.

On the other hand, you already saw the video of Alone ofDanna Paola where you bring one of our necklaceslinks kindchunky? We share photos of the video and other examples of how to inspire you.


What we love the most about this trend is that there is something for everyone. If you are the typeclassic, nailearrings, aring or anecklace they will stylize youroutfit, while extravagant tastes will appreciate the size of the pieces and the combination of its style with other trends such aspearls,pendants kindcharms,letters, etc.

At Malandra we love to give youtips andtips offashion, so we made this list with ourtop 10 picksin trend oflinks, that fits all budgets, so you can inspire youroutfis and create your own style.

Rolo Chain Necklace:

Gradient Link Earrings:

Circle Link Necklace:

Sola Link Anklet:

Boa Chain Necklace:

Loop Medium Hoops:

Constantine Necklace:





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