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5 tips to buy accessories online and not die trying

Mexico City, November 2020.Undoubtedly, the pandemic caused a skyrocket in internet sales, and now, with how close we are to the beginning of the Good End, it is essential to be prepared to take advantage of the discounts and offers that will be presented to us, especially on the subject of accessories and jewelry, because you must pay special attention to certain points if you do not want to get a bad surprise. 

That is whyPamela saenzYGabriela villareal, founders of the renowned brandMalandra Jewelry, they give us 5 tips to which you should pay special attention when buying accessories online: 

 1.- Make sure there is a physical storeYou can find it on the same website, where you can also find the address and contact information in case you need help with a problem or to obtain more information for your purchase. 

2.- Find and consume brands that have experience, trajectory, are recognized, and even, investigate more just by putting the name of the brand in the search engine: this is very important because in the jewelry industry it is essential to bet on experts to avoid a bad drink. 

3.- Verify the security certificate of the page, this is a guarantee of a secure connection where you can enter the information of your payment methods. You can review this detail with a small padlock that will be found on the left side of the url of the web page.

4.- Check that the brand hassocial networks where you can get in more direct contact with them, read opinions, experiences of other buyers, etc. These will always be fundamental channels and key points for your decision making. 

5.- Check the exchange and return policyIn case you have not been 100 satisfied or you need a change, it is super important that the site you choose has flexibility and clarity on the subject.. 

Malandra Jewelry has 4 physical branches in the City of Monterrey and with secure shipments to the entire Mexican Republic and the rest of the world. If you want to know more about collections and their promotions for this Good Endclick here.

We invite you to visit our social networks:Facebook: Malandra Jewelry andInstagram:malandrajewelry

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