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Codes for wholesale discounts

Code MALANDRA15: 15 discount on purchases of 8,000mxn or more.s.

Code MALANDRA20: 20 discount on purchases of 15,000mxn or more.s.

Code MALANDRA25: 25 discount on purchases of 20,000mxn or more.s.

CodeMALANDRA30: 30 discount on purchases of 25,000mxn or more.s.

Code MALANDRA35: 35 discount on purchases of 28,000mxn or more.s.

 *Does not apply to the Éclat, Carolina Alatorre and Lia Marant collection.

Steps to make a wholesale purchase

  1. Add the items to the shopping cart. 
  2. Press the buttonFINISH PURCHASE when your shopping cart is ready.
  3. Enter the code corresponding to your purchase.
  4. Enter the shipping address and type of payment.✉💲
  5. Ready we will get to work on your order, if we have any questions we will contact you.❤️

Wholesale in physical stores

We have wholesale prices in all our stores(does not apply to Carolina Alatorre, Lia Marant and Éclat) We invite you to visit us at any of ourbranch offices where we will gladly advise you on your purchase, or if you have questions contact us by WhatsApp at 811 081 0759

Wholesale Purchase Terms and Conditions

When making wholesale purchases, the user accepts the conditions established by Malandra which, if they are not fulfilled, may imply legal sanctions.

Wholesale purchase conditions

  • The preparation of your order will take us two business days , to review it in detail, additional to the time of delivery of your package.
  • The purchased merchandise,It does not carry wrappers or brand cards, They are sent in generic bags and with the necessary care to protect your pieces.
  • If you do not have your complete order, the staff in charge will contact you to give you the options to solve it.
  • Our images, videos, text, logo, as well as our complete content used in our online store and social networks, is subject to copyright and protected before the intellectual property law. Therefore, its use, imitation or replication for the personal promotion of the articles obtained through their wholesale purchase is prohibited.
  • Does not apply to Éclat, Carolina Alatorre and Lia Marant collections.
  • Subject to product availability.
  • It does not apply with other promotions.
  • The buyer is invited to create their own content, photos, videos, etc. to promote items purchased in wholesale purchases.o.
  • Prices subject to change without prior notice.
  • Please check our general purchasing policies
  • Please check our terms of service
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