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Trends for the summer

What differentiates this type of necklaces from other more conventional ones is that these types of necklaces have a historical trend, since French women in the 18th century wore them, It all starts with the way and the way they fit any type of neck. In the past some called them dog chokers, but this nickname did not detract from the attitude of those necklaces, more elegant with semi-precious stones than the grunge style of the 90s.

With designs on black silk ribbons with an application just below the chin or dangling charms or simply fabric cords with hand-painted or sublimated applications. All this type of design is part of the rebirth of the choker trend.

Within the most important catwalks, designers give that final touch to their look with this accessory.

Use them with stones, with fabrics or combining them like the Dior design house does using the gem with the fabric, or like Rihanna in her video work that uses a choker with plastic and studs and I said in the center of the circle, this for the girls more daring

Play with the different options that this type of look gives you, remember that sometimes the simplest is the most elegant.

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