They say that it will always be better to give than to receive. Well, it is not bad to receive from time to time, but it is undeniable that there is a special magic when we share and give a little of ourselves. We are at the special time of the year to give and thank all those women around us, that is why here we give you excellent ideas, according to all tastes and budgets, to pamper them this Christmas.

A Gift to Wow! Collection

This collection offers iconic designs specially created to dazzle. Bracelets and necklaces are perfect to achieve that wow factor, especially in everyday looks.


Gifts Under 5000

The most important thing is the intention to show affection, do it with style! The budget is not an impediment, so we have a great offer of details for less than 500 pesos.


Gifts Under 2000

The best style at an unreal cost. This selection shows beautiful pieces for day to day and to achieve relaxed looks for less than 200. It will be alittle big detail that will make a difference.


Statement Pieces

Designsstrident and unique, that shine, transcend and have a life of their own. Without a doubt, any piece in this collection is the perfect gift for bold people.


Charito Ruiz / Malandra

This collection is our star and is, undoubtedly, the best present. Theexclusive collaboration with Charito Ruiz, presents the most delicate designs together with colored waxes for eyes, cheeks or lips; It is a 100 percent natural product made with paraben-free beeswax.


Our ideas have no limits, check out the other surprises we have for you in our online store:


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