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¿you already have thatspecial gift for her? If not, don't worry, this article is for you. We have created a gift guide for herand with this you will know perfectlywhat to give. We have put together our top 15 gift ideas for that best friend, mother, cousin, girlfriend, mother-in-law, grandmother or of course, for yourself. So let's get to work, let's find the ideal gift for her.

1. a 14k gold plated symbolic necklace from Malandra. This necklace is named "Ahavah", which symbolizes an expression of love, friendship or affection.Each charm of this necklace represents a loved one or feeling, which you want to always carry with you.
$180.00 MXN
2. one Everyday Bag from Sarelli Sarelli. This bag made from vegan leather is perfect for your day-to-day, it has the ideal size for yourmust-carry and best of all You can choose between 3 different types of strap. We are sure you will be delighted..
$5,100.00 MXN
3. one personalized 14k gold plated bracelet from MALANDRA. You can choose from any name or word you want to bring with yourself. And you know what You can also give it away as matching bracelets, one for you and one for that person!
$280.00 MXN
4. A blazer from Zara. Today it is a key piece in a woman's wardrobe, giving us a look full of attitude and power, an excellent gift option this season.
5. Or how about an 14k gold plated choker necklace from MALANDRA? Every fashion and style lover knows that a choker like this is a wardrobe staple, that's why she will love a gift like this.
$420.00 MXN
6. A l necklace22k gold plated aton. A piece like this has no fault! We know that a woman's best friend is an exquisite piece of jewelry and this necklace delivers 100%. Surprise her with style, we know it will become her new favorite.
$440.00 MXN
7. Do you know what else could also be an excellent option?a lip ink that will help her look radiant any day! This specific ink is semi-permanent, which will make you feel even more comfortable.
$650.00 MXN
8. A Personalized .925 silver necklace with 14k gold plate from MALANDRA. We are totally in love with this exquisite necklace and we know she will too. Surprise her with a personalized gift!
$280.00 MXN
9. That person likes romantic and trendy looks? Then we have the perfect gift for her.A pair of earrings 22k gold plated brass. We know you'll be enchanted when you see how bright this pair shimmers in the sun.
$420.00 MXN
10. Or what do you think a skin care game to provide luminosity and a more youthful appearance Stir. For most of us, skin care is almost like a ritual, the best moment of the day and we know that without a doubt, you will love a kit like this.
$779.00 MXN
11. You still haven't decided We present you one of the secret weapons of every woman, an 14k gold plated double necklace from Malandra.¿Why the secret weapon Very easy, this necklace comes with a chain style snake along with another styleskinny. The best of both worlds and perfect to combine with other styles! You will be delighted!
12. A trending pair of triple hoop earrings from Malandra. We tell you that this pair is one of our BEST - SELLERS. And of course, they are one of our favorites since they elevate your look in seconds. This pair can be the best gift you give that person, they will be fascinated with the final look!
$280.00 MXN
 13. A 22k gold plated brass necklace from Malandra . Like the compass, this necklace will guide your dreams to the end, and is an essential accessory in any wardrobe to complement a layeringeclectic.
14. A booty bar bone color from Holic. Such a pair are amust-have today, their same color tone makes them stand out from the rest and...Who doesn't love the chunky style? Surprise her with style!o!
$799.00 MXN
15. A 14k gold plated natural pearl necklace from Malandra. If you want to surprise someone with a beautiful gift, then this delicate natural pearl pendant necklace is the perfect choice for you. We are sure that this piece will become your favorite.

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