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Valentine's Gift Guide for Them

February. The month of love and friendship where romance and creativity abound to see how to surprise those people we love so much. By the way, you know what to give toa that special person? If you still have no idea, don't worry. We have gatheredthe best 20 gift ideas forthat best friend, mom, cousin, girlfriend, grandmother or of course, for yourself. So let's not waste another minute, let's findthe ideal gift for her.

 SeeLove Link Necklace

$780 MXN

A14k gold plated LOVE word necklace ofMalandra.An important word not only this season but for life.

$1,280 MXN

A925 silver chain with 14k gold plate ofMalandra to create that creative layering that we all want.  An accessory that cannot be missing from your wardrobe.

$476 MXN
AWine Kit for those tired daysof Pinch Provisions. We are completely sure that you will be delighted with this kit. Time to pamper her!!
$980 MXN

Some22k gold plated heart shaped earrings ofMalandra.With this piece you won't have the need to say "je t'aime", this piece will tell you by itself. 

 SeeAmour Heart Necklace

$460 MXN

 Asparkling heart pendant necklace ofMalandra. We are sure that you will love adding that bright accent to your day to look spectacular.

$650 MXN
A tastylish card holderof Avorigen. With this accessory you can not only organize your cards in the most comfortable way, but you will do it with style.
$380 MXN
Anecklace with 14k gold plateofMalandra.You will fall in love with this patterned necklace fifty-fifty and its natural shine.
  SeeTravel Kit
$1,053 MXN
ATravel Kit ofAESOP. The products in these kits differ by being formulated with the highest quality for the skin, body and hair. You will be delighted.
$180 MXN
A necklace with a concept beyond wordsofMalandra.This necklace carries by name the word "Ahavah"which symbolizes an expression of love, friendship or affection.
$920 MXN
A 22k gold plated padlock necklaceofMalandra. CLike all great memories, we seek to catch it and close it within ourselves.
$295 MXN
Acustomizable bracelet with 14k gold plate basinsof Malandra.This bracelet will add that shiny golden accent to your everyday look.
$794 MXN
Naillight glassesblue ofThe Book Club. A perfect accessory for the digital age and pampering your eyes that constantly surf the Internet.

SeeWine Custom Charms

$380 MXN

A14k gold plated cubic zirconia chain ofMalandra.The ideal accessory for aadd a personalized touch to your glass and toast with style. See Love Pearl Bracelet

$580 MXN

A natural pearl bracelet with 14k gold plateofMalandra.By wearing this pearl bracelet, she will have a very important concept in mind every day: LOVE. 

  SeeBoho Letter Necklace

$390 MXN

A14k gold plated personalized necklace ofMalandra. We are sure that you will fall in love with this necklace, perfect to personalize yourlookfrom day to day.

SeeCinque Pyramid Bangle Bracelet

$650 MXN 

Or what do you think of this14k gold plated bracelet of Malandra. Amust-have of this season in your collection.


$MXN 1,788

AnecesserofMarc Jacobs.Because ... Who doesn't need a small accessory to store their personal products? This one specifically has a pocket inside.r.

  SeeSaint Honoré Earrings

$1,560 MXN
Some22k gold plated heart shaped earrings ofMalandra.We are sure they will become your new favorites.
$580 MXN
Apersonalized necklace with 14k gold plate and natural pearlofMalandra. This necklace is definitely amust-haveto complement your seasonal outfit and customize all your styles.
$580 MXN
A14k gold plated necklace ofMalandra.The perfect addition to a romantic weekend look, this piece will definitely become your new favorite.

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