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10 best gifts for your long-distance friend

When it comes to true friendships It does not matter to see each other every day, but simply to be there for them in the most important moments. If you have a friend who lives far away and you would like to give her something to remind her how much you love her ... then you are on the right blog. Hwe got together top 10 gift ideas in order tothat best friend from a distance. So let's get to work, let's find the ideal gift for that long-distance friend. 

$ 260 MXN
A 14k gold plated heart pendant necklace from Malandra. Every time you wear this necklace, you will remember all the love and friendship between you.
$ 380 MXN

A14k gold plated personalized chainfromMalandra to personalize your glass. We are sure that you will be delighted with a detail like this, perfect to toast with style!

WatchLip Stain Set


$ 157 MXN
A  Lip Stain Set from  Sephora. This kit contains the three most popular Sephora holiday shades. Its small size and cute color will make your best friend the most prepared for any occasion.
$ 295 MXN

A Personalized Bracelet with 14k Gold Plated Basins from Malandra. You can personalize this bracelet as you want, with the name of your best friend or a word that reminds them of a unique experience.  WatchWanderlust

$ 999 MXN

A classic map from Wanderlust . To remind you of all those places where you have been together and all those places you want to know.

WatchEssential Golden Heart Studs

$ 160 MXN
Some 14k gold plated heart earrings from Malandra.We know that your best friend will be delighted with itsparkling glitter this pair of earrings with the sun. Ideal for a lookvery chic. 
$ 501 MXN
A custom tumbler from BlueMoon. A tumbler like these will always be a good gift, perfect to provide the same on those remote video calls.
$ 260 MXN
Some Arts14k gold plated with cubic zirconia accents fromMalandra.A lovely set and a nice gift forthat best friend. They will definitely become your new favorite.
$ 180 MXN
A necklace with a concept beyond wordsfromMalandra.This necklace carry by name the word "Ahavah"which symbolizes an expression of love, friendship or affection.
$ 540 MXN
A mermaids tail blanket fromLinio.We are sure that you will fall in love with a blanket like this. Perfect to pamper her in those home office days.

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